Trump Admin. Renews Iran Sanctions, Essentially Killing Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal

Nick Kangadis | August 6, 2018
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Eventually, if you keep playing with fire, you get burned. Keep chanting "death to America, and this is what you get. Keep burning American flags in your parliament, and this is what you get. Make a deal with the U.S. where you had no intention of keeping up your end of the deal - while simultaneously receiving literal palates of cash - know the rest.

The White House issued a statement on Monday stating that the U.S. will "reimpose" sanctions on the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran.

According to the statement from the White House:

Today, the United States is taking action to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions with respect to Iran that were lifted in connection with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action of July 14, 2015 (the “JCPOA”). These actions include reimposing sanctions on Iran’s automotive sector and on its trade in gold and precious metals, as well as sanctions related to the Iranian rial. These measures will take effect on August 7, 2018.

All remaining United States nuclear-related sanctions will resume effective November 5, 2018. These include sanctions targeting Iran’s energy sector, including petroleum-related transactions, as well as transactions by foreign financial institutions with the Central Bank of Iran.

The statement comes just a week after President Trump said that he would meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with "no preconditions." 

The announcement from the Trump administration also called out nations who do business with Iran, going so far as to make a threat to those that don't "wind down activities with Iran."

"The United States is fully committed to enforcing all of our sanctions, and we will work closely with nations conducting business with Iran to ensure complete compliance," the statement continued. "Individuals or entities that fail to wind down activities with Iran risk severe consequences."

Iran can continue to talk all the trash they want about the U.S., but it looks as though inaction isn't a game the Trump administration is willing to play. It appears as though this renewal of sanctions on Iran is an attempt to send a direct and clear message.

H/T: Fox News