Trump Admin Insists President Will Pull Out of Paris 'Climate Accord'- Then Officials Backpedal

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 18, 2017
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Despite intimations by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday and claims by the EU’s mighty “Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy” that the US will abide by the silly and scientifically unsound “Paris Climate Accord” (which is not a treaty that has been approved by the US Senate, by the way), the Trump White House has moved to quash any confusion and reassure American workers and business owners that the agreement will not be in their future.

Indeed, just hours after those reports and Mr. Tillerson’s statements on television, the administration moved to deny those claims.

Trump himself, in June of this year, said he was willing to re-negotiate entry into the Paris accord, or something similar, but only on terms that were fairer to the United States.

So where do we stand as President Trump has his first awe-inspiring meeting with the giant parasitic entity called the UN? For what can we hope as he gathers with other “public servants” who live off of your neighbors' tax dollars?

Based on Donald Trump’s performance thus far, the answer is a big question mark.

Campaigning on stopping the unconstitutional military incursion into Afghanistan – you know, the one where US soldiers are guarding the poppy crop that leads to heroin on US streets – Mr. Trump recently decided that more US troops needed to be sent in. This, despite no actual Declaration of War since 2001.

Campaigning to stop illegal immigration (I hasten to note that the matter of immigration is not a federal purview in the Constitution, only naturalization, and the control of immigration is supposed to be a state issue for those politicians to handle), Mr. Trump indicated that he would be willing to find and negotiate a way to let the so-called “Dreamers," or children brought here by their illegal immigrant parents, stick around.

And, of course, he agreed to a hike in the debt ceiling in order to follow in the unconstitutional footsteps of other U.S. presidents who have shelled out billions to local politicians for natural disasters.

If you are sensitive to the parameters of the document he and the politicians in D.C. supposedly swear an oath to protect and defend, you will notice that on many fronts, Mr. Trump is not doing so. As a result, many are worried that he might back down from his stance on the Paris imbroglio, or find ways to sign on to bilateral agreements to “control carbon emissions” that will still cost US businesses and consumers trillions over the long haul, while harming the ability of people to raise their living standards and feeding the bureaucratic beast.

In fact, as reporters insist on tarring carbon dioxide with its dark moniker, “global warming emissions," despite the fact that carbon dioxide in Earths atmosphere is a low-level warming factor, and solar activity appears to be the core driver of the planetary climate, folks who are worried about this issue might do better to spread the word about their skepticism of the corrupt and politicized scientists than to wring their hands about rumors within the Trump administration.

Yes, many want to apply pressure and stop a bad set of taxes and regulations, but the underlying issue of the flawed and corrupt science being driven by flawed and corrupt scientists will remain long after Trump leaves office.

While monitoring Mr. Trump, it might be wise for folks to maintain their vigilance about the climate change cult, and to keep spreading the word, keep educating friends and neighbors, about their perfidy.

The “climate change” propagandists have some of the most powerful resources in the world at their disposal, and this includes support from giant corporations like Exxon-Mobile, Mr. Tillerson’s former employer. They have big incentives to tax and regulate small and mid-level businesses, to get special favors from politicians, and to keep the song of “climate change” going as long as they can.

We need to continue to mention the flaws in their approach, that the Earth has been far warmer, and within the past 500 years was warming dramatically long before the internal combustion engine. We need to call them out for their manipulation of data and bad calculations, their attempt to move temperature readers on land and in the oceans, and spread the word to others that we stand for truth. That way, even if Mr. Trump changes course on this, or finds ways to work “bilateral” deals rather than multilateral, as with the Paris Accord, we can at least know we stood for truth.

Sometimes, that’s all one can do when politicians play their games.

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