Trudeau's Canada Demands NYC 'Immediately' Stop Bussing Illegals To Their Border

Brittany M. Hughes | February 14, 2023
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Turns out declaring yourself a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens doesn’t actually make you one - and it looks like more than one liberal bastion of love and acceptance is having their actual tolerance for migrants put to the test.

And they’re failing.

Shortly after reports surfaced that Mayor Eric Adams’ welcoming New York City was bussing illegal aliens out of the Big Apple and dumping them a few miles shy of Justin Trudeau’s Canada, our northern neighbors are now insisting that Adams’ office “immediately” stop helping droves of migrants cross into their country unlawfully.

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately,” a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault said in response to Adams' relocation efforts, per a Monday report from the New York Post.

According to Canadian officials, Canadian cities, many of them much smaller than New York City, are already overwhelmed by illegal aliens.

“We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue,” Legault said.

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As I reported here just last week, Adams’ office has admitted to using taxpayer funds to buy bus tickets for illegal aliens - many of those having been bussed to New York City from overwhelmed border towns in Texas and Arizona - to take them to the upstate town of Plattsburgh, located about 20 miles from the Canadian border. From there, migrants catch a ride the short distance to the end of Roxham Road in Champlain before simply walking into Canada and surrendering to border officials there, all to the tune of about 250 a day.

Adams, who long boasted of his city as a safe haven for illegal aliens until his own backyard was flooded with migrants, said his office isn’t “encouraging” illegals to go to Canada, but admitted his city is “assisting” them if they want to.

“If we speak with a migrant, interview them, [we] find out their desires and make sure that we are assisting them like we’ve done,” he told CNN.

Many migrants told reporters they didn't originally plan to go to Canada after crossing into the U.S., but that their awful experiences in New York City led them to believe perhaps Canada was the better option. Though it looks like the Great White North doesn't want their country being invaded by an endless stream of undocumented people, either.

Looks like all the left's "sanctuary" talk is about as reliable as the rest of their socialist rambling - meaning it's all worthless bullcrap in the end.

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