Trudeau Wore Pro-Muslim Socks to a Gay Pride Parade

ashley.rae | June 27, 2017
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau found a way to bring Islam and gay pride together during Toronto’s Gay Pride parade.

According to the Washington Post, in a photograph taken by Trudeau’s official photographer, the prime minister can be seen wearing colorful socks that happen to say, “Eid Mubarak,” referencing the holiday marking the end of Ramadan.

The socks are $14.99 and are made by the company Halal Socks. They feature “Eid Mubarak” written in both English and Arabic.

According to the Star, Trudeau’s socks were in the spirit of Toronto Pride’s “inclusivity.” Black Lives Matter activists and First Nations activists were present at the event, although uniformed police were banned.

Although Trudeau was attempting to be “inclusive” by wearing his Islam-inspired socks to the gay pride rally, Muslim countries around the world often punish homosexuality with death. Other countries also punish homosexuality in other ways. In Indonesia, for instance, two men were recently sentenced to 85 lashes after they were found in bed together. Even among Western British Muslims, 52 percent said they believe homosexuality should be illegal in Britain.

Trudeau, who has reportedly worn the socks before, allegedly wished participants a happy “Pride Mubarak” during the parade.

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