Trudeau: Failing To Back Emergencies Act Means ‘You Don’t Trust Gov’t’

Eric Scheiner | February 21, 2022
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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to squash the Freedom Convoy. Now, Canada’s Parliament must authorize the power move and if they don’t Trudeau claims it’s because “they don’t trust the government.”

Parliament has not yet authorized invoking the Emergencies Act. The House votes on the measure Monday night, and Trudeau implies that he considers the matter a vote of confidence in his government.

“I can’t imagine that anyone who votes no tonight is doing anything other than indicating that they don’t trust the government to make incredibly momentous and important decisions at a very difficult time,” Mr. Trudeau said during a press conference Monday.

Imagine not trusting the government with more ‘emergency power’ to remove protesting citizens?

Trudeau told a televised news conference there were signs some truckers were regrouping outside the capital and might come back and park trucks again thus, “the state of emergency is still there.”

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