Trudeau Cracks Down On Freedom Demonstrators - Trampled Beneath Horses, Businesses Corralled & Closed

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 21, 2022
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More people should have taken Justin Trudeau seriously when, in 2013, he told a fawning crowd of seemingly bedazzled women that he admired communist China’s authoritarian ability to crush dissent through suppression of rights.

The past weekend he has shown the horrifically foreboding nature of his words.

After announcing on February 14 that he was “invoking” the 1988 “Emergencies Act” to institute martial law, and after also not acknowledging that (as I noted for MRCTV) the Act not only doesn’t “grant” any Canadian Prime Minister all the “powers” he claimed (such as instituting crackdowns inside Provinces without the explicit request of their Premiers), Trudeau for three days has shown the world just how authoritarian he can make the machine of the state.

Executing the “Emergency Act” before Parliament has voted on allowing him to do so, (the members were forcibly shut down on the 18th, and are due to vote late on Feb 21), Trudeau followed-through on his threat in maddening strokes of jack-booted tyranny, literally commanding fully armed, armored, military-style police to violently corral, press into, batter, arrest, and horse-trample protest participants, and journalists – and destroying and seizing property as part of the Bolshevik Bargain.



Though in 2021 Trudeau saw his Liberal Party hand taxpayer cash to groups tied to Black Lives Matter (which, in the US, already had caused over $2 billion in 2020 damages, alone) -- and though the Canadian PM waxed his woke whiskers by taking a knee in BLM-style photo-ops – he now has emerged as the most despotic North American antagonist of TRULY peaceful protesters.

Indeed, starting late Thursday, Feb 17, Trudeau got his goons to threaten seizure of children and seizure of protesters’ pets (pets the government will call “abandoned” and, likely, destroy after eight days if the owners are arrested), and seizure of bank accounts through the government-corporate Palantiri, then flooded Ottawa with masked, heavily armed cops, who invaded on foot, in armored vehicles, and on horseback.

Because, as we all know, Trudeau cares so much about keeping the Canadian economy running that he embarked on a two-year long lockdown banning voluntary market activity and church association, he set arbitrary mRNA jab mandates on cross-border truckers, and he wants government-approved banks to freeze the accounts of folks who have supported the freedom convoy.

Being such Good Samaritans, Trudeau’s tax-consuming shock troops somehow neglected their “social distancing to flatten the curve” mania, and, instead, used horses to flatten an elderly woman as cameras caught it all, then, they had the gall to claim the woman – who was using a rolling-walker to stay upright – had THROWN a BICYCLE at them.

Sure. Everyone knows that old ladies love tooling around on bikes in the Ottawa winter.

In response, journalist Andrew Lawton posted on Twitter an image of rolling-walkers for sale, quipping:

Shopping for a new bicycle. Any recommendations?

If any of those cops had driven a car straight into that crowd, and then struck an old woman, sending her to the hospital, one wonders if the leftists backing Trudeau would speak up, or if they are so numb to the brutal indignancies and crimes that collectivist power visits upon innocents, they simply wouldn’t care.

As The Post-Millennial documented quite well, over and over, the cops Trudeau and his cronies sent into the streets showed that they cared only for “following orders” and not one whit for human rights and well-being.

Trampling rights? Trampling human flesh and bone?

What’s the diff, Trudeau? Gotta flatten that curve.

Freedom to travel unmolested, supposedly enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Considered archaic and lame.

Freedom to engage in private contract? Shut down.

Freedom of journalistic integrity?

Extinguished, at the end of a baton, as Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie discovered quite literally when Ottawa cops repeatedly hit her with their truncheons and then, AT POINT BLANK RANGE, shot a tear gas cannister into her leg, leaving a grievous injury that has inspired Rebel News to bring suit against the Ottawa government thugs.

Can those witnessing this brutality not see the demon of government power that always crouches, poised and ready to strike at any non-conformist? Can even a casual observer not see that the behavior of state agents in brutal regimes like Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia -- even in Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears – always is a possibility, on any continent? Are they blind to the fact that what Trudeau has rained down upon innocents is a manifestation of the dark heart of all statist paradigms: the presumption of the “legal” use of aggressive violence, for whatever so-called rationale?

As well-known YouTuber and attorney Viva Frei noted on Twitter:

If the police response to the protest in Ottawa is not the undoing of @JustinTrudeau, it is the undoing of Canada.

Let no one be sanguine about this fact: all states -- whether they have written “protections” such as the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or the US Constitution -- are predicated on force. They see acquisitive, egomaniacal, corrupt, and self-congratulatory moralizers of every stripe breach the so-called "rules", coughing up rationales, poisons such as fraudulent “equity,” “class identity,” racial power, nationalism, colonial hegemony, tax graft, regulatory power, “for the children” ideology, “for your protection” mobsterism, or any other so-called justification OF EVERY STRIPE. Then, they wield the thundering, assaulting, thieving, possibly murderous power of that state to achieve their ends.

To them the ends justify the means.

To people who believe in the rights of their neighbors to be free, the ends ARE the means.

In Ottawa, we see the difference, quite clearly, drawn in grotesque strokes. We see the difference between peaceful victims of lockdowns and mandates, and jackbooted Ottawa government thugs, who actually were caught saying:

Just watched the horse video – that is awesome.


Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground…

Comparisons to Twentieth Century tyrannies are more than apt. They are utterly, precisely, morally required.

And all those who “follow orders” and who have followed the orders for two years should know where they stand.

We certainly do.

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