Trouble Brewing: Dallas Cowboys Get Flack For Partnering With Pro-America Coffee Company

John Simmons | July 6, 2022
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The Dallas Cowboys receive a lot of hatred for a variety of reasons, but America’s Team got some unnecessary flack for a business partnership they announced on Tuesday.

The Cowboys partnered with Black Rifle Coffee, a beverage company that is owned by former military veterans who are unapologetically pro-American. Furthermore, with every purchase made, Black Rifle finds a way to donate back to law enforcement officers or military veterans.

Dallas announced the partnership on social media on Tuesday.

Sounds like a solid business venture that should be supported by anyone with a half a shred of patriotism, right? 

Unfortunately, plenty of Twitter users don’t have any sense of patriotism and instead tried to frame this decision as something insensitive.

Multiple people criticized the move because of the company’s gun themed-name, since guns are not especially popular in light of the Highland Park, Il. shooting on the Fourth of July. Several coffee drink names from this company also have firearm puns in the titles, such as, “AK-47 Espresso Blend,” “Silencer Smooth Roast,” and “Murdered Out Extra Dark Roast.”

None of these are offensive or ill-intended, it was simply to go along with the military theme and values of the people who started the company. But thanks to the general lack of emotional - or overall - intelligence in the Twitterverse, lots of people fired shots at the Cowboys.

A spokesperson for Black Rifle told the Associated Press that the move was planned to be announced on the fourth for a considerable amount of time, but it was delayed because of the shooting.

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“The long-planned announcement was timed to coincide with the Independence Day holiday — America’s Team. America’s Coffee. America’s Birthday,” the spokesperson said.

Seems like yet another overreaction from people who want any semblance of patriotism, military support, and firearms from our culture.