Trevor Noah Questions Non-Sensical Vaccine Mandates In NYC

John Simmons | March 15, 2022
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You know the Left has gone completely bonkers when Trevor Noah starts calling them out for their hypocrisy.

The talk show host went on a surprisingly intelligent rant about how New York City mayor Eric Adams has completely lost all sound reasoning with his COVID-19 mandates … or is it Deltacron? I can’t keep track anymore. 

Anyway, Noah exposed the illogical nature of his mandates by discussing how Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving was allowed to attend Sunday’s game in Brooklyn as a fan, but how he cannot play in games in Brooklyn because of a wacky city mandate.

This is not the first time that Noah has been critical of the hypocrisy surrounding the country’s response to COVID-19. Last December, he questioned why Big Pharma companies pushed so strongly for Americans to get the vaccine and subsequent booster shots.