Transwoman LIVID a Bank Froze His Accounts Because He 'Sounded Like a Man' On the Phone

Brittany M. Hughes | September 6, 2018
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A transgender woman in the U.K. said he was left “humiliated and embarrassed” after a bank employee froze his accounts because he sounded like a man on the phone, raising concerns over identity theft.

The Sun U.K. reports that 47-year-old Sophia Reis, who was born "Sergio," claimed he was "humiliated and embarrassed" after bank staff said he failed security checks because he didn't sound like a woman.

Probably because, well, he’s not one.

According to Santander bank records, Reis has been listed as a female under the first name "Sophia" since November of last year. But when he called in to take care of some financial business over the phone, a bank employee reportedly grew worried that Reis’s voice didn’t match his female profile, and was concerned someone was trying to steal Sophia's money.

When Reis went to use his bankcard the next day, he realized his account had been frozen.

Now, Reis claims he’s been “mistreated” by the bank employee, who’s somehow supposed to magically know that the person he's got on the phone is a man who thinks he’s a woman.

"They said my voice did not match my profile because ‘it sounded like a man on the phone and not a woman.' The whole situation is inadmissible,” Reis said. “I was crying my eyes out and I am not that type of person at all. I am a very courteous person and I am outgoing but to feel that way when all I asked was for my money to be transferred... I feel mistreated."

“"I work as a woman, I identify myself as a woman and I look good as a woman but for the first time in my life I felt embarrassed about being who I am. It was humiliating having to go into my bank and to explain myself when all my information was at the click of a button," he continued.

Facing the progressive lynch mob’s noose, the bank quickly backtracked and assumed full responsibility for their employee’s failure to automatically understand this random customer’s entire gender backstory.

"We have apologised to Miss Reis for the experience she had when using our telephone banking service and offered her a gesture of goodwill,” the bank said in a statement. "It was certainly not our intention to cause any offence, and our service was not as good as it should have been."

So apparently, we’ve now gone from having to accept transgenderism as normative, to affirming it as positive, to now having to intuitively identify a stranger’s preferred gender over the phone, all to keep from offending a mentally ill person with an identity disorder.

There’s no way this could possibly go wrong.