TRANSPHOBIA ALERT: Newsom Says 'If Men Could Get Pregnant,' Abortion Would Be Legal

Brittany M. Hughes | May 5, 2022
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Transphobia alert: California Governor Gavin Newsom says men can't get pregnant.

Which, I'm given to understand, is a carnal sin in progressive's new "non-binary" world in which we cannot differentiate between men and women, and in which men can also carry and birth children, and all this must be culturally normalized to the point where we must rename maternity wards and replace all women-centered language from our maternal vernacular with "inclusive" terms like "birthing person," "gestational parent," and "chestfeeding."

After all, there's an emoji of a pregnant man on my iPhone now that says dudes can get just as pregnant as ladies, and who are we to judge?

Unfortunately for the handful of non-traditionally-gendered folks in the Golden State, Newsom forgot all about men with female reproductive parts when he was busy ranting against the Supreme Court's plans to overturn Roe v. Wade and send the issue of legalized abortion back to the states.

"If men could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a conversation," Newsom tweeted. "This decision isn’t about strengthening families - it’s about extremism. It’s about control."

Newsom's clearly transphobic comment comes after radical leftists - including Newsom himself - have fought tooth and nail for the complete erasure of gender, including forcing biological women to compete against biological men in sports and encouraging hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and even body-mutilating surgeries for children suffering from gender dysphoria.

But now that it's more politically convenient to focus on women as an oppressed class in the fight for legalized infanticide, leftists are happy to table the non-binary discussion and return to a world in which women are being victimized due to their physical anatomy.