Transgenders Dominate Multiple Women's Cycling Events

John Simmons | August 24, 2023
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We interrupt your workday to present to you yet another reason why transgendered females (who are men) should never be allowed to compete against women.

Within the past week, two separate biological men won cycling events against women - one in Switzerland, and one in Washington state. The first race took place in Zurich (the largest city in Switzerland) where Kiana Gysin took first place at the women’s fixed gear racing final, taking home a prize of roughly $556.

As a disclaimer, the X (formerly known as Twitter) user who published that tweet does not believe men should compete against women, so the wording of that tweet was written with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Gysin had previously ridiculed the Union Cycliste International (UCI) for banning transgenders from the women’s division in any events that it oversees. But after witnessing how Gysin performed, it's easy to see why the UCI made this decision.

Elsewhere in our crazy world, another male pretending to be a female won a race against women in Richmond, WA. 

A 35-year-old man named Claire Law was competing against teenaged girls at the 1/2/3 Women’s Northwest Elimination Championship. This type of event means the last rider of each lap gets eliminated until only one is left. Unsurprisingly, the results apparently weren’t close.

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In a livestream of the event, Law was seen crushing his teenaged opponents,” Reduxx reported. “As the third place rider Lucy Dorer, 15, was eliminated, second place rider Lucy Scoville, aged 17 can be seen completely dropping back for the last lap, and not even bothering to compete with Law, who sailed ahead to what appeared to be an easy victory.”

Why someone in their 30s is being allowed to compete against teenagers in any division of any sport is beyond me, much less a man being allowed to compete against women.

But hey, since sports these days are all about inclusion, these events should be celebrated!

Just like the tweet above, that was filled with sarcasm, too.

Despite outcomes like this happening across a variety of sports, some people still believe transgenders in women’s sports won’t lead to anything bad happening. The group FemMess, which advocates for transgenders to be allied in the women’s division, also criticized the UCI’s decision to ban transgenders from women’s cycling events, saying:

We from FemMess CC strongly condemn UCI’s decision to essentially ban trans women from competitive cycling, this decision has no basis in scientific findings and has only been implemented because of the current transmisogynistic political climate and pressure from trans exclusionary organizations. We won’t be attending any event that follows UCI Guidelines as we won’t financially support organizations like this.

“We stand for an intersectional feminist approach to the sport and bio essentialism is dangerous for everyone, they won’t stop with trans woman. F**k UCI!”

The fact that women are forced to compete against men is absurd, and that people like FemMess that want stuff like this to happen is even more so. While we have seen other instances of people showing a level of common sense regarding this issue, there is obviously still work to be done.

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