Transgender Wins Women's Cycling Event In New York City

John Simmons | March 23, 2023
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A biological male won a cycling event in New York City this past weekend - after competing in the women’s division.

Tiffany Thomas (are he and Lia brothers?) raced against women at the Randall’s Island Crit and earned the 16th win of his career. While it’s no surprise that a man would beat a woman in a race given the inherent physical advantage males tend to have, what really highlights the unfairness is that Thomas is 46 and still beating women in their 20s . He is by far the oldest rider on the cycling team “LA Sweat” -- and still dominating his opponents.

His bio on the team website reads:

Tiffany is a scientist by day, athlete by night. Her favorite organ are the blood cells. You will never see anyone with a bigger smile than when she sees a beautiful electron microscopy picture of a red cell. She has never met a barbell, a bike, or a dog that she doesn’t like. She is so incredibly excited to race and represent the LA Sweat team this year!!!

Thomas is able to keep racing in the women’s division because USA Cycling follows Union Cycliste Internationale’s (UCI) policy regarding transgender athletes, which simply require the transgender to submit a form that UCI accepts and maintain certain testosterone levels.

USA Cycling and the UCI might think that's good enough, but the sane world doesn’t. No one should accept what Thomas is doing as business as usual. Even those who pretend not to see the absurdity of men competing in women's sports can't ignore the difference in age between Thomas and his competitors.

Many people don’t want to hear that allowing transgenders females -- who are biologically male -- to compete against biological women always means bad news for real women. But we’ll keep saying it as long as we need to.

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