‘Transgender Rights’ Is The Left's New War On Women

Brittany M. Hughes | June 7, 2017
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On May 30, 15-year-old Andraya Yearwood took home not one, but two first-place victories in the Connecticut state track-and-field competition. She easily stomped out the opposition in the 100-meter dash before topping that off with a win in the 200-meter event. In the world of high school sporting events, it would have been a resounding victory.

Except that she’s not a she at all – she’s a he.

At only 15, Andraya, who was born a guy, hasn’t undergone any hormone treatment. He’s still very much a dude – meaning he’s got an undeniable biological advantage over his female competitors. Had he been running in the boys' event, the Daily Caller notes he would have finished dead-last. But he wasn't, and he didn't.

Even Jeff Jacobs, a writer for the Hartford Courant who tries desperately to sympathize with Yearwood’s story, openly admits that the whole thing seems terribly unfair from any scientific perspective.

But perhaps the saddest part of this whole story isn’t Andraya’s easy win. It’s the fact that the young woman he unfairly beat is too afraid to say anything about it. 

Stonington High School junior Katie Hall, who would have come in first place in the 100-meter race if not for Yearwood, actually had this to say to the Hartford Courant:

"It's frustrating," said Hall, who finished third in the 200. "But that's just the way it is now."

… "I can't really say what I want to say, but there's not much I can do about it," Hall said.

Hall’s coach was at a bit of a loss himself, telling the Courant that Hall “works really hard” to become the best runner she can be. Even still, she was clearly no match for a taller, muscular, testosterone-fueled boy. No one was.

And now, Hall can’t even speak out against injustice that robbed her of the state title she’d fought so hard for, knowing she'll be on the losing end of a social battle. In the name of “transgender rights,” the feminist Left has effectively bullied women into silence.

The confusing tale of Yearwood’s “victory” over his disadvantaged opponents is only the latest example of how the world of men has been allowed to bleed over into a realm that used to be reserved – and rightly so – for women.

Even childbirth is no longer sacred gendered ground. In Portland, Oregon, a “man” has reportedly became pregnant with his gay lover’s baby after he stopped taking testosterone treatments. The scientific truth is, of course, obvious – he was born a she, and was only able to conceive after she stopped dosing herself with male hormones. Now, she and her boyfriend – a biological man who claims to be gay – are expecting their first child.

The Left, of course, is gleefully celebrating this new Age of Social Enlightenment, in which a man can now carry a baby.

So in this new, topsy-turvy world where up is down, “men” can now become pregnant, effectively pilfering what is arguably the most precious and unique gift inherent to women. If “appropriation” were truly a societal concern, this would be the single greatest example.

Biological males can now declare themselves “women,” then trounce biological women in their own sporting events. Men have even been given a socially approved license to beat up women, giving them concussions and breaking their eye sockets for sport, all in the name of “equality.” All of the very real challenges and struggles and growing pains of actually being a woman are cheapened or outright ignored in a world in which you can become a woman by simply "feeling" like one. It's insulting.

And it never seems to work the other way around. Notice that there are few, if any, resounding tales of a female dominating a male sport after a few rounds of hormone treatment. Note that there are sparse gallant stories of transgender "women" knocking up their gay partners. Come across many accounts of a transgender man creeping on other dudes in the Walmart dressing room? Me neither.

The victims of the Left’s transgender rights campaign are almost exclusively women.

In fact, this sham is an outright assault on women, both figuratively and literally. It’s an assault on the Katie Halls and the Tamikka Brents. It’s an assault on the woman who got banned from Planet Fitness simply for wanting to be able to change in the locker room without worrying that a guy might be holed up in the next shower stall.

It’s an assault on the inherent biological gifts and traits that have been given exclusively to women. It’s an assault on feminism – or at least, what true feminism should be.

And, in a society that claims to be for the forward progress of women, it shouldn’t be allowed to stand.