Transgender High Schooler Suing TN For Protecting Male Sports

John Simmons | January 26, 2022

It’s crazy to think that we live in a world where our leaders are viewed as hateful and radical when they try to uphold reason, but that is what is happening in Tennessee in the ever-raging battle over transgender policy in sports.

Luc Esquivel, a 14-year-old transgendered boy from Tennessee(along with his parents and the ACLU),  is suing Tennessee for its state law preventing anyone from participating in a sport that matches their preferred gender identity.

“I’m not usually an angry person, but it made me really angry,” Luc says of the law.

Not surprisingly, the increasingly woke Sports Illustrated made this its cover story, titling the profile, “Why Can’t Luc Play?” The story portrays lawmakers who do not bow down to the transgender ideology as bigoted meanies while people like Esquivel are hailed as heroes.

But if Sports Illustrated, or anyone supporting Esquivel in this lawsuit, were to do a little introspection as to why he can not play in a sport where everyone else is fundamentally a different gender than he is, it’s pretty obvious why Luc can’t play.

Luc is not a biological boy, and therefore should not be allowed to play with other boys.

Esquivel should not be told that it is okay to reject reality and create another one based on subjective personal feelings. This 14-year-old cannot make the world bow down to his twisted feelings and desires (which have led her to want to become a man).

So maybe, those who stand up to hold to the truth that men and women are created differently should be viewed as the real heroes of our society. Men should play sports with and against other men, and women should play against women, plain and simple.

Anyone else who accepts another form of reality is confused and needs help.