'The Trans Community Lied to Me': Courageous Woman Shares Her Experience De-Transitioning

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 4, 2022
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The media won’t cover this. 

Despite popular rhetoric, people who transition to a different gender don’t always stand by their past decisions. One girl who goes by "Bunny" shared her story of de-transitioning and the importance for people to recognize consequences before making life altering decisions. 

“The trans community lied to me,” she began, while elaborating on some of the comments she got when she was a teenager questioning her identity.

Realistically, she was a teenager going through body and life changes, but the trans community used her situation to manipulate her into thinking that changing into a boy would make all her problems disappear. 

Bunny began medically transitioning into a male at 16-years-old, and now at 20 is finally speaking out about the horrors she endured. She received a double mastectomy first and then, “a few months later,” was put on testosterone. 

“I was a child when this happened to me,” she said in one of the videos.

Bunny admitted in a separate video, “I didn’t know better.”

“Looking back, I think if someone at that time would have just said ‘no,’ just told me ‘no,’ just been like ‘no, we’re gonna get you help you need, its just a normal teenage thing to feel uncomfortable in your body,’ maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Bunny confessed in one video she posted to Twitter.

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Supposedly, the trans community was “toxic” towards Bunny when she was involved after she began questioning some of the insane doctrine, practices, and priorities of the group as a whole. (I don’t blame her for her suspicions. The trans community is nuts.)

Bunny pointed out that it's far too easy for people to obtain life altering drugs and procedures.

“You shouldn’t be able to walk in and leave with hormones that same day,” she suggested. Bunny later affirmed that the trans community was denying “reality” and “biological sex.”

Luckily, Bunny also called out the lies of the left. Often they claim that child mastectomies aren’t happening, that hormones are reversible and there isn’t a surplus of transgender youth. But to that, Bunny said, “It’s called irreversible damage for a reason.”

Last month the Media Research Center (MRC) analyzed a study regarding the 70 percent increase in trans youth from 2019 to 2020 and how the left, most specifically the media, is at fault. 

At the same time, however, the left - Biden especially - want to make child mutilation and transgenderism the new norm - not to mention, counter arguments against it are rarely promoted.

Bunny’s story has garnered thousands of views, but Big Tech is notorious for censoring content that critiques the transgender lifestyle.

MRC’s Free Speech America (FSA) division conducted a study that found 156 examples of Big Tech censoring users who oppose the transgender narrative in just six-and-a-half short months. 

Big Tech and the media promote the side of the story that helps the woke, progressive, insane ideologies of the left. Yet, stories like Bunny’s need the airtime, not these people who are mentally ill.


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