Tough Job: VP Harris Releases African Playlist Ahead of Ghana Music Studio Tour

Brittany M. Hughes | March 28, 2023
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We used to be a serious country, lead by serious people. But that’s getting harder and harder to remember.

While our southern border is being overrun by illegal aliens, East Palestine is trying to pick up the pieces of a government-fueled ecological disaster, millions of Americans struggle under still-historic inflation, and parents in a Nashville suburb are arranging funerals for their children shot dead by a transgender terrorist, Vice President Kamala Harris is busy touring Africa to the backbeat of her very own playlist, available anywhere you get your weird virtue-signaling.

Put together ahead of her multi-nation tour, Harris’ curated song list - entitled, "My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia” - features artists from all three African nations. And, because it’s apparently very important to U.S. foreign policy, Harris spent time Monday at Vibrate Space, a "music work station" in Ghana, where she met with local artists and praised them for…well, making music, saying "For me to be able to come here during this trip on my first full day in Ghana really is symbolic of the connection that we have as people and as nations.”

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“The creative work that is happening on this continent, are represented by the work that is happening here in Ghana, as extraordinary in terms of the international global impact,” she told the African singers in her scripted remarks.

“You are speaking in a way that around the globe people hear songs that are rooted in concepts like freedom and individuality and self-determination. That is the work you are doing,” Harris continued.

She then went on to wax poetic about the definition of "innovation," rambling on nonsensically in what's become her regular vernacular.

We’re not sure what work Harris is doing by visiting African recording studios, but hey - best she not be given anything too important, given her penchant for gunking things up.

If you're interested in Harris' 25-song African playlist, it's here.

If you're interested in seeing the Biden administration do anything even remotely related to the betterment of America or its people, we'll be waiting right here with you.