Top Palestinian Negotiator Being Treated for Lung Disease...In Israel

Lianne Hikind | August 2, 2017
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The top negotiator for the Palestinian Authority is receiving medical treatment and awaiting a lung Israel.

Saeb Erekat, the PA's top negotiator, is being treated for pulmonary fibrosis in an Israeli hospital, according to The Times Of Israel. Erekat is currently on the waiting list for a new lung, and had been battling the disease for over a year before being hospitalized earlier this week. 

Perhaps due to his only acting in a limited capacity with regard his usual obligations, Erekat did have time to give an email interview to Jewish Insider in which he slammed the United States for not reacting enough to Palestinian deaths stemmed from clashes with Israeli police. 

 "Erekat’s complaint, however, focused on the White House’s silence over the death of several Palestinian protesters the past two weeks. On July 21, three Palestinians were killed in street clashes with Israeli forces and although Palestinian media reported that a settler killed one Palestinian on July 21, that has not been confirmed by the Israeli government".

Erekat, now being treated in a central Israeli hospital, had nothing to say about the three Israelis who were murdered in cold blood by a 19-year-old Palestinian who entered their home with a knife, stabbing four people and killing three in the middle of a celebration for the birth of their grandson.  

That same Palestinian, who was injured after being shot by an off-duty Israeli soldier while trying to flee the murder scene, was also treated in an Israeli hospital. 

The hypocrisy is abundant.