Top Cuomo Aide Resigns as Pressure on N.Y. Gov. Mounts

Libby | August 9, 2021
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The top aide to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced her resignation late Sunday as the possibility of impeachment approaches.

Before becoming the top non-elected official in the state as secretary to the governor in 2017, Melissa DeRosa started with Cuomo back in 2013 as his communications director, Democrat and Chronicle reported.

This loyalty is now coming to a close, as she resigned the day before the New York state Assembly Judiciary Committee plans to discuss impeaching the governor after the Attorney General’s report indicated he sexually harassed 11 women.

“It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve the people of New York for the past 10 years. New Yorkers’ resilience, strength, and optimism through the most difficult times has inspired me every day,” DeRosa’s said in a statement, which was obtained by CNN.

“Personally, the past 2 years have been emotionally and mentally trying,” she said, never once mentioning Cuomo. “I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such talented and committed colleagues on behalf of our state.”

The report which found Cuomo to have created a “toxic” work environment also indicated that DeRosa was not just a Cuomo aide as a secretary — but aided is sweeping allegations under the rug.

Detailed in the report, DeRosa allegedly authorized the release of confidential files to the press on Lindsey Boylan, one of the governor’s accusers, in an attempt to discredit her accusation.

DeRosa’s move to terminate her long career with Cuomo indicates she is hoping to jump ship before he goes down — in a possible impeachment.