The Top 5 Weird News Stories Of The Week

Alan Moore | October 19, 2015
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#5 - Man Steals Taxi Because He Didn’t Want To Walk

Hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes walking can be a real drag. But for this 26-year-old Iowan, it was apparently worth a felony. Luis Orellana-Rivera was released from Mercy Medical Center around 6 A.M. on Friday. He found an unoccupied taxi with the key in the ignition. He was picked up by police thirty minutes later with the key still in his pocket.

#4 – Town Issues ‘Citations’ For…Good Behavior?

Being detained by the police is never good, except if you live in Concord, Massachusetts. Police Chief Joseph O’Connor wanted to find a way to connect with the community in a positive way. So if the police spot you wearing a bicycle helmet or a seat belt, or something similar, you just might receive a "citation’ for two scoops of ice cream at Reasons to be Cheerful, a local café. That’s a debt to society worth paying!

#3 – Dad goes To Extreme Lengths To Keep His Daughter’s Date honest

Benjamin Schock, Wisconsinite and meddling father, taught his daughter’s date that he means what he says, quite literally. Promising to “do to him whatever he does to his daughter,” Schock decided to fulfill his promise after observing the couple take homecoming photos. The resulting photo has now gone viral:

#2 – Jokesters Protest Draconian Public Space Laws With Creative Vandalism

In the little U.K. town of Chester the city council recently passed "Public Space Protection Orders" in order to tackle "anti-social behavior," whatever that means. To combat the strange law some supposedly undesirable street performers decided to decorate the local benches with signs warning against miscreants:



#1 – Petition Circulated to Change Australian Currency to ‘Dollarydoos’

Over 20 years ago "The Simpsons" aired an episode where the family goes to Australia. The term "Dollarydoos" was the name of the currency. Now, with the value of Australian currency plummeting, financial genius or smarmy smartass Thomas Probst has created a petition to boost the dollar currency by turning it into a collector’s item. What is even stranger? The petition has garnered 15,000 signatures!

No word if any of the Simpsons characters would appear on the currency.