Tom Cruise Loses His Mind on 'Mission Impossible' Crew for Breaking COVID Rules


Members of the Hollywood cult occasionally like to throw the weight of their globally recognizable names at people in order to prove some kind of self-righteous point, depending on what they're talking about. Well, there's a new unhinged rant making its rounds across the internet.

Actor Tom Cruise lost his mind while recently filming in the U.K. and gave the crew of the upcoming addition to the "Mission Impossible" franchise, "Mission: Impossible 7," a piece of his mind. Cruise was upset about masked crew members standing too close together, and that breaking of Chinese coronavirus protocol crossed the line for the diminutive thespian. 

"They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us!" Cruise yelled. “We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers!"

Audio obtained by British tabloid The Sun was released late Tuesday, but gained international notoriety on Wednesday. The actor can be heard yelling at the crew in an expletive-laden rant.

"If I see you do it again, you’re f***ing gone!" Cruise said in the rant. "And if anyone in this crew does it, that’s it — and you too and you too. And you, don’t you ever f***ing do it again!"

Cruise must have realized the tone of his comments probably didn't go over well and promptly calmed down after a couple minutes of berating his co-workers. Or maybe Cruise losing his mind is all a publicity stunt. Who knows? Hollywood is about as trustworthy as CNN.

Here's audio from the incident (WARNING: Some strong language):


H/T: Variety

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