‘Tolerant’ Leftists Target Nodding Trump Supporter’s Business

Eric Scheiner | October 21, 2020
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She sat behind President Trump and nodded in approval at many of his statements at a NBC televised town hall event – so now the left is going after her business and her employees.



Fox News reports:

Mayra Joli, the Miami lawyer who gained renown as the "nodding lady" sitting behind President Trump during a nationally televised town hall, said her employees began receiving hate messages urging them to quit after the Oct. 15 event.

The digital onslaught isn't enough to change her mind, however. An immigration lawyer and mother from the Dominican Republic, Joli came to the U.S. with her family in the 1990s and donated to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign before becoming a Trump supporter. 

Since the event, Joli said, her employees have received phone calls from friends and family asking if they work for the "nodding woman" as well as venomous e-mail and social media messages urging them to quit because of their employer's political views.

Joli says strangers are also going online to target her immigration law business, giving unwarranted negative reviews.



"Somebody’s going to see that review, then see the career I’ve led helping people, so I don’t need that client," Joli said seemingly unfazed by the online onslaught.

“I was a former Democrat, the Democratic Party left me. When we have a party that’s willing to kill a baby -  I can’t be along with that,” she told Fox’s Hannity.

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