TIME's 'Woman of the Year' is a Man, Baby!

Gabriel Hays | March 3, 2022
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Time Magazine has just published its latest “Women of the Year” edition and, true to form, it is subjecting audiences to reading about women who are the furthest thing from female role models.

Time’s 12 new “Women of the Year” for 2022 include pro-abortion zealots, BLM supporters and one biological male actor pretending to be a female actress. So yes, officially, men are now part of Time’s “Women of the Year” list. 

Time unveiled its new list for the first week of March, which is also the first week of “International Women’s Month.” The article opened its presentation with the statement, “Creating a better future for women means building bridges—across generations, communities, and borders. These extraordinary leaders are working toward a more equal world.” 

How nice. Though that statement should have added “building bridges – across genders," considering that 1/12 of the women featured are men. 

But before we get to our male-genitalia-having “woman of the year,” let’s talk about some of the other women on this list. Of course we have some actually amazing women on it like Afghan refugee Zahra Joya, who fled the Taliban. Now that’s a brave lady. But honestly the rest are a bunch of political activists, and diversity pushers which are honestly taking America in the wrong direction.

The list includes Amal Clooney, one half of the liberal power couple that also includes George Clooney. Both of them have ponied up serious cash to Democrat campaigns in the past, particularly to the Biden campaign in 2020. One of the Clooneys’ 2020 election fundraisers raised around $7 million for the Biden campaign in one night.

So when you see record high gas prices and record inflation, thank Amal Clooney for being a huge female influence in that regard. 

Time’s Women of The Year edition honored Hollywood actresses like Kerry Washington, who is an outspoken lefty on Twitter and an actress on TV shows that push an extreme far left agenda. Washington is one of many Hollywood activists who supports every gross leftwing trend on Twitter, whether that includes slandering SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, supporting BLM, and hating Trump.

She also starred in and promoted the horrific abortion scene from her TV show, Scandal.

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And then there’s Amanda Gorman, the inexplicable wunderkind who the left showers in love because she makes poems about how racist America is, how trans people are mistreated in the country and about how abortion rights are under attack. For all that garbage, Gorman has been invited to speak at Biden’s inauguration and now is called Woman of the Year for Time. 

We don’t see the appeal. There are many conservative mothers who might think that Gorman’s poetry is a disgusting insult to femininity and womanhood.

Last but not least, in terms of shocking progressive idiocy that is, the magazine included Trans Actor Michaela Jaé Rodriguez on its list. This is a man who identifies as a woman and Time is all for it, calling him “history making” and calling him a woman of the year. This man also beat female actress Jennifer Aniston out of a Golden Globe earlier this year if you can believe that. 

So what did the 13th place biological woman feel when her place was taken by a man? Seems to us that Time is actually impeding women rather than championing them.