TikTok Star Tophertown Sounds Off On Race, Riots & Media

Beau Davidson | June 2, 2020
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Conservative TikTok star Topher of Tophertownmusic discusses race, riots and the media with MRCTV's Beau Davidson.

Topher shared his thoughts on how the media sows racial division. "I just think the media is in it for the money. For the ratings and views. I mean, money rules everything, right?," Topher said.

"We can we can look at it  - when it's peaceful no one's watching news. No one's looking for the next thing. People really only turn on the news when something tragic has happened. Like, 'what's goin on?' We need to know what's going on so we can look out for ourselves and prepare. And I think we've just been caught in that cycle so long. And what I love about this encounter, what we have with technology, in a way that news is becoming more independent. It's that we can almost break away from that cycle and get away from the loaded language and the media bias, and actually get to some real truth get to some real engaging conversation that is going to move the conversation forward."

Watch the complete interview above.