Tijuana Residents to Migrant Caravan: 'Donald Trump Was Right, This is an Invasion!'

Nick Kangadis | November 19, 2018
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Residents in Tijuana, Mexico are clearly not happy about the migrant caravan — populated by people from Central America, particularly Honduras — using their city as a stepping stone to go to another country. It probably didn’t help the migrants cause by turning down the aid they are seeking from the Mexican government.

As reports come out that the migrants would have to stay in Tijuana for “months” while they wait for their asylum requests to be processed, locals in Tijuana aren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of having their city grow with inhabitants that have no intention of staying there or giving back to the community.

According to Fox News:

Adding to the increasing certainty of the group’s situation, the U.S. Border Patrol temporarily closed all northbound lanes at the busy San Ysidro Port of Entry early Monday morning as the U.S. continues to "position additional port hardening materials.”

Given the increasing attention on the caravan, and the insistence by top U.S. officials that the migrants will not simply be allowed to enter the U.S., the crowds in Tijuana reportedly may end up having to wait six months for their asylum claims to be heard.

A lot of the residential protesters gathered over the weekend to convey a pretty strong message to the migrants that have already arrived in Tijuana and those that could still be on the way.

“Donald Trump was right, this is an invasion!” one protester exclaimed in Spanish over a loud speaker. “What Donald Trump said was correct: this is an invasion.”

Here's video of the protest, as posted by Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saaverda:

I think that pretty much says it all. Even people in other countries are agreeing with President Trump. The people of Tijuana are witnessing firsthand what Trump meant when he called the caravan “an invasion” before the midterm elections.

Fox News also reported:

The arrivals are expected to continue throughout Monday and into the week ahead. Most of a group of 3,400 migrants, who were last in the border city of Mexicali, should make it to Tijuana Monday, an advocacy organization told the New York Times.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum – who has referred to the arrivals as “bums” and questioned whether a referendum in the city of 1.6 million is needed to determine whether or not they should be allowed to stay – reportedly estimated the migrants may have to wait six months for their asylum claims to be processed.

Even the Tijuana mayor doesn’t like the influx of migrants pouring into his city.