Woke Children’s Book Released Teaching 3 Year Olds How To Be Nonbinary

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 9, 2023
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Another children’s book targeting kids was recently released and now the author is traveling to schools to read it aloud to kids. 

“Neither,” is geared towards kids ages three to six, and teaches toddlers that they can be nonbinary and that there are far more than just two genders. To make matters worse, the author of the book, Airlie Anderson, is traveling all around the nation reading the tale to students in public schools.

If this isn’t a prime example of indoctrination, I don’t know what is.

According to the description listed on Amazon, “Neither” is a “colorful and touching story" about a creature that’s both a bird and a bunny and is searching for "a place to fit in." The creature neither fully bird nor fully bunny is supposed to symbolize a person who feels neither like a boy nor a girl. 

According to a video posted by Libs of TikTok, the book tells the story about the creature and how previously there were binaries for creatures. They were all either bunnies or ducks but now there’s some creatures who are “neither.”

At the end of the story, after the “neither” creature is told it doesn’t fit in, it comes across “The Land of All” where there's all different sorts of creatures to symbolize the all different sorts of genders. From snake/giraffes and lobster/birds to kangaroo/unicorns and puppy/fish combos, it’s clear that all these creatures are to show kids that it's okay to be anything you want. 

About a year ago the author posted an image of her sharing the book with elementary school students and provided a link to school faculties and administrators to book her for a visit. 

In response to the book tour and read-aloud posted to Twitter, users were flabbergasted at how clearly this book aims to groom kids. 

“Something that gets lost here is that in this age range, toddlers are forming vocabulary and language skills. So these books quite literally seek to program toddlers with a very specific vocabulary. That's just sick,” one user commented. “Broken people break people. We need to protect our children from them,” another user urged. One more shared that sentiment saying, “So sick and twisted.  All of these pedophiles should be behind bars and miles away from children.”

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This isn’t the first time a book has so vividly and clearly pushed to indoctrinate kids. Earlier this week MRCTV wrote about a book called “In My Daddy’s Belly,” about a transgender man, aka a biological woman, and her journey giving birth and pretending she’s a “dad.” It was a colorful, attractive looking book for young kids. AKA a great way to indoctrinate and groom -  just like “Neither” is.

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