UPDATE: Texas Supreme Court BLOCKS Dismemberment of Baby, Mother Flees State

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 11, 2023
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Last week a judge in Texas ruled that a 31-year-old mother of three could dismember her innocent baby in the womb after finding out the baby had trisomy 18. As of Monday, a Texas supreme court blocked the judges ruling and halted the murder. 

Kate Cox learned at 20 weeks gestation that her baby had a fetal abnormality. Rather than giving her child a chance at life, as many children with trisomy 18 end up surviving, Cox sought an emergency abortion insisting that she didn’t want to take any risks by delivering her baby.

Cox, fearful of her chance to have more pregnancies in the future, pleaded for a judge to allow her to have a dilation and evacuation abortion where a provider will reach up, grab the baby girl’s arms and legs and pull them off, one by one. It would be a brutal, gruesome and painful death for the little baby girl. 

County District Court Judge Maya Guerra Gamble ruled that Cox would be able to obtain the procedure and she and the abortionist would be barred from any prosecution despite the fact that an abortion of this sort is illegal according to Texas pro-life laws. 

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By God’s grace, the Texas Supreme Court has blocked that order. 

Cox was permitted a temporary restraining order that prevented Texas from enforcing the state’s ban for her case, but just 30 hours after that, the Texas Supreme Court ended the restraining order. 

“Without regard to the merits, the Court administratively stays the district court’s December 7, 2023 order,” the ruling said Friday. 

Senior staff attorney, Molly Duane, for the Center for Reproductive Rights who is representing Cox said that she still hopes the state will side with Cox and allow her to obtain the abortion. She insisted that the block was a denial of “justice” for Cox. 

According to reports on Monday however, Cox has now left Texas to seek an abortion in another state. 

With that new information, users on Twitter provided mixed reviews.

“This is madness” one wrote, adding that we need to “codify Roe into federal law.”

Abortion Access Front went straight for violence. “Texas politicians might as well chase abortion seekers to the border with pitchforks and torches,” the group wrote adding “FUCK YOU KEN PAXTON! FUCK YOU TEXAS SUPREME COURT!”

Others had different takes. 

“No one is rejoicing. We're heartbroken for both mother and child. But there is no reason to kill the baby. Give birth, love the child as long as he or she lives and celebrate that time together,” LifeNews.com tweeted.

Another wrote, “That’s the actual news. The woman doesn’t want a disabled child so instead of delivering the baby and treating it like a family member she wanted it removed.

Ultimately, the story of Kate Cox is heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking that her baby was diagnosed with an immediate medical struggle but it's also heartbreaking that she’s being fed lie after lie that’s convinced her that dismembering her baby is not only an option but a good option. 

Prayers go out to Cox for clarity on truth and her innocent child for safety and sanctity.

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