Student Walkout Urges School Board to Reverse Pro-Trans Policy

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 5, 2023
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On September 15, students at Pennsylvania’s Perkiomen Valley School District held a walk out to protest their school’s policy that allowed transgenders to use bathrooms corresponding to their delusional sense of identity. On Monday of this week, the policy was reversed. 

The controversy began when Tim Jagger, a father in the school district, posted on social media that his daughter was distressed after believing that there was a boy in her high school girls room. 

Around 300 students, led by fellow student John Ott who felt compelled to take a stand after his female classmates felt anxiety about having a boy in their restrooms, left class that Friday. They marched around campus and held signs saying things like “respect girls rights” and “stay in your bathroom,” while they were encouraged by parents who cheered them on. 

Around the same time there were numerous cries from the media and concerned parents who didn’t want the safety of their children to be jeopardized. There’s a common trend amongst transgender girls, aka biological boys, especially those who favor entering girls spaces and exposing themselves or making females uncomfortable. Students and parents didn’t want that to happen at their schools. 

On Monday, the school board voted in a 5-4 vote to adopt Policy 720, which would mandate students to use bathrooms that lined up with their sex assigned at birth, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The policy also opens single-use bathrooms that were previously only available to teachers, up to everyone.

This is a win for everyone. Kids will be safe from those that are living a lie, and those that are living a lie can continue to do so all by themselves in the single-use restroom.

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Tim Jagger, a father from the school district told Fox News that he thinks the change came as a result of the students voicing their opinion. He was confused as to why the policy had allowed transgender people into the restrooms of their choosing in the first place, but was very pleased that the board ended up changing the policy. 

Jagger claimed that he didn’t think school board members even knew the policy until his daughter had an encounter with a man in the bathroom.

“Several school board members didn't even realize it, so it [his daughter's story] basically brought it to their eyes and then the community's eyes," he told Fox News. "And then the kids in the school, obviously they were not happy about it, either."

While nearly everyone was happy that this policy would protect safe spaces, some were outraged.

Ashli Giles-Perkins, attorney for the Education Law Center said, “There is no legal basis for a district to refuse students’ right to use the bathroom or locker room that aligns with their gender identity. We are appalled that districts like Perkiomen Valley have adopted discriminatory policies aimed squarely at trans and nonbinary students."

Boo hoo! Get over yourself!

Ultimately, this move is one that aims to, and likely will, keep the large student body at the Perkiomen Valley School District safe from people who are suffering mental illnesses like that of transgenderism.

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