Pro-Abort Valentine's Cards: 'Anyone That Has an Abortion, Know That I Love You!'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 14, 2024

This year, Valentine's Day is being clouded by pro-abortion groups who insist that abortion is a way of showing love. 

Though the left agrees that Valentine's Day is all about love, many outlets and groups are using the holiday to promote something that’s completely antithetical to the idea of love - abortion.

Last week, the Carolina Abortion Fund put out a tweet indicating that people could send a love note to someone and donate $14 for “abortion care.” Supposedly, this is the third year in a row that the group has pushed this campaign where people donate money for others to get abortions in their loved one’s name.

The group continued promoting the pro-abort campaign in the days leading up to the 14th insisting, “let’s spread the love, and fund abortion care in the Carolinas!”

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Similarly, the Palmetto State Abortion Fund released a graphic last week gearing up for Valentine’s Day.

Abortion Fund Ohio cut straight to the point when its group tweeted: “Girls don't want flowers for Valentine's Day. They want flowers AND abortion on demand,” and later added “birth control & chocolate & plan b, oh my!”

Hey, at least the group is clear that it wants women to be able to abort their kids throughout all nine months of pregnancy. 

We Testify, which is a group dedicated to giving women the opportunity to talk about how much they loved killing their kids through abortion, made Valentine’s Day cards to post on its social media accounts. One was a poem that read, “roses are red violets are blue abortions are cool I’ve lost count of mine, I’ve had quite a few.”

The group, like most of the left, wants to make abortion so normal that women can “lose count” of how many they get. That Valentine’s Day card also featured a woman’s hands holding five abortion pills.

Other cards started with the same “roses are red” phrase but changed the end of the poem. One shared on Monday said, “anyone that has an abortion, know that I love you!” Another card said, “your reason for having an abortion ain’t nobody’s business but yours boo!”

We Testify also released what it called “Abortion Love Letters” that moms could read either before or after killing their kids as a sort of encouragement to keep up the infanticide.

The National Network of Abortion Funds added to the mix when it tweeted “Roses are red, violets are blue. Support abortion funds; it's the hottest thing to do!”

Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate love, romance and joy. Not the brutal destruction of innocent babies. These groups are sickening.


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