Naked Dude Arrested After Exposing Himself In Women's Locker Room at Planet Fitness

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 12, 2024
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Christopher Allan Miller stripped naked in the women’s locker room at a Planet Fitness location in North Carolina. Despite identifying as a woman, Miller was arrested Thursday for indecent exposure to a minor.

Local police received a call on April 4 from a traumatized woman claiming that Miller was walking around the women’s locker room completely naked.

“It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his — and he won’t leave,” the concerned woman said according to local news WSOC-TV 9.

The offender’s booking details list Miller as a male and indicate that he’s being held at the Gaston County jail.

Planet Fitness member Betty Brice spoke out about her concern with Miller in the bathroom, saying, “I think a woman should be able to go into a women's bathroom without a man coming in saying he’s transgender."

Planet Fitness has been under fire as of late for its policy on transgender people, which states that individuals may use whichever facility that best aligns with their "gender identity." Here’s what the website claims:

Planet Fitness is more than your neighborhood fitness center – we are the Judgement Free Zone®. At Planet Fitness, we celebrate and champion diversity and provide an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected and like they belong. Planet Fitness prohibits discrimination and harassment that is based on gender identity or gender expression in the workplace and in our clubs. The following is our corporate policy regarding the accommodation of our members and team members in terms of their gender identity.

When it comes to nudity, here’s what the website states:

We ask that members respect the privacy and comfort of other members by practicing modesty in the locker rooms and remaining covered as much as possible.

Obviously Miller neglected to do that if he was, in fact, in the nude.

A female gym member named Patricia Silvia complained back in March about a biological man using - and even shaving in - the women’s locker room, even when a girl around 12 years old was present in the space.

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Instead of apologizing to Silvia and dealing with the situation appropriately, Planet Fitness revoked her gym membership, leading to many members voluntarily canceling their Planet Fitness memberships out of protest. The gym’s value plummeted around $400 million after the fiasco.

It really is sad and disturbing that Miller was not only in the ladies room, but that he was in the ladies room butt-ass naked. While I am glad he was arrested, this is exactly the kind of thing Planet Fitness is inviting with these sorts of policies.

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