Miami School District Decides To NOT Declare October 'LGBTQ+ History Month'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 8, 2023
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After a 12-hour-long marathon meeting, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the third largest school district in the country, decided that it will not be recognizing the month of October as LGBTQ+ history month. 

The decision came after some school board members reportedly wanted to dedicate the whole month of October to LGBTQ+ history, perhaps because schools are usually out for the summer by the time "Pride month" rolls around in June. 

“Because the LGBTQ exists in Miami-Dade, it’s made significant contributions to our country and county and we have LGTBQ students,” school board member Lucia Baez-Geller said according to Local 10 news adding, “It does not impact or affect instructional materials, and I cannot believe I have to say this out loud, but this item does not indoctrinate our students into any sort of lifestyle.”

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I don’t know Geller, but I beg to differ. Dedicating a whole month of school to rainbow-washed classrooms, teaching about queer history and learning about all the left's different delusions seems pretty indoctrinating to me. 

WIth her argument, there wouldn’t be any red flags or complaints about a month long teaching on Christian history, right Geller?

Arguments for the celebratory month insisted that the LGBTQ history month would be similar to other commemorative months like Hispanic Heritage Month or Black History Month. Yet, nobody chooses to be black or Hispanic. Teaching about races and their contributions to the fabric of America doesn’t encourage kids to become those races. That's not how race works. Teaching about a delusion of rainbows and the "spectrum" of chosen "gender identity," however, can and likely will encourage kids to join the mob. 

Luckily, however, the school board turned down the notion. As noted by Local 10 News, “At the meeting on Wednesday, Vice Chair Danny Espino along with board members expressed concern about the legality of the resolution, saying it might violate the Parental Rights in Education law’s limits on discussion of sexual and gender identity in the K-12 education system.”


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB1557, Parental RIghts in Education, into law on March 28, 2022, declaring that teaching about sexual orientations and gender identity should be limited and mandating that schools be transparent with parents about what they’re teaching kids.

Monica Colucci, another board member, said, “As constitutional officers, we have to uphold state law, and it’s very clear what that law is.”

While this vote is an initial win and signifies progress in the right direction, let us not lose sight of the fact that some teachers want to use every opportunity they can to indoctrinate and brainwash kids to buy into the leftist delusion. 

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