Gov. Newsom Defends Unrestricted Abortion, Lies About Pro-Life Laws

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 26, 2024
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California Governor Gavin Newsom was a guest on NBC News’ Meet the Press Sunday. During the interview, Newsom was asked if he thinks there is a week in pregnancy that abortion should be banned. He insisted it was “a determination for women and their doctors.” During the same interview he also debuted his new pro-abort ad.

Meet the Press Moderator, Kristen Welker, said, “Let me press you though Governor, do you think there is a week that access to abortion should be banned?”

Newsom, before Welker even finished her question, interjected, “I think we’ve established that firmly in the context of what states are doing like California where we established a constitutional right to access abortion.”


California law is extremely supportive of abortion. It allows abortions up to about 26 weeks, when California deems the “fetus” as “viable.”

The pro-abort laws don’t stop there. California allows any “healthcare professional” to provide abortions and the state helps pay for patients to obtain abortions via state funds and private health insurance plans that are required in order to cover abortions too. 

Not to mention, California law protects abortion providers from investigations from other states if the provider administers an illegal abortion. Some states have travel laws that ban women who reside in said state from traveling to another state to obtain an abortion. Traditionally those pro-life states try to pursue legal action against abortion providers but California law overrides that attempt to protect their baby killers.

In the interview, Newsom went on to insist that at “the end of the day,” obtaining an abortion at any point in pregnancy is “a determination for women and their doctors.”

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Welker asked again, “at any week?”

Newsom continued his practiced speech, passing over her question, then insisting that late term abortions are a “complete canard.”

Sir, your state laws legitimately allow abortion when a child has all of his body parts developed, likely has hair on his head, can feel pain and has a very detectible and strong heartbeat. What part of that justifies the phrase that these types of abortions are a “complete canard?”

To make matters worse, during Newsom’s appearance on “Meet the Press,” he debuted an advertisement targeting red states who respect life. The ad accuses conservative leaders of essentially holding women hostage in their states by not allowing them to travel out of states to get abortions.

The ad had a young woman, who appeared to a victim of rape, handcuffed to a hospital bed. The narrator stated, “Trump Republicans want to criminalize young women who travel to receive the reproductive care they need. Don’t let them hold Tennessee women hostage.”

In the video the young lady let out a desperate “help” as she attempted to break free from the handcuffs.

There are many issues with this ad. One is that pro-life states have no interest in imprisoning women for being pregnant. Those states simply respect life and think that an innocent baby shouldn't be murdered, regardless of how he or she was conceived.

Another issue the ad has is that it paints the idea that having an abortion equals freedom. That’s far from true. When a woman has an abortion, studies have proven that she experiences grief from the loss for months, sometimes years to come. Not to mention, abortions are dangerous. They can and do cause many harmful effects towards women and result in at least one death. Does that sound freeing in any way?

That’s the thing with the left though. They will and use any tactics they can, manipulate the truth and paint abortion as something that needs protecting when in reality, it’s the greatest evil of our time. 

Skirting around the facts and dodging questions shows exactly how pro-abort Newsom and many of his colleagues really are.

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