Good Parenting? : Tex. Court Permits Un-Checked Trans 'Care' for Kids

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 1, 2024
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This is the absolute furthest thing from what’s in the best interest of kids.

On Friday, just two days before the left obnoxiously celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility instead of Easter, a Texas appeals court upheld a lower court’s injunction blocking the state from investigating parents who help their kids transition with “gender-affirming care.”

The decision is contrary to Governor Greg Abbot’s plea to stop these procedures and hold parents accountable for abusing their kids.

Back in February 2022, Abbott ordered Texas Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) to “carry out child abuse investigations into families whose children were receiving puberty-blocking treatments,” U.S. News reported. Shortly after, a lower court imposed an injunction to block Abbott’s move insisting that “the probes endangered children and their families.”

Now, more than two years later, the appeals court in Austin, Tex., agreed with that lower court and insisted that parents who abuse their children via puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones and gender mutilation surgeries shouldn’t be investigated for child abuse.

The lower court, back in 2022 insisted that Abbott’s care for children and their well-being could cause “irreparable injury” to families. 

If you want to talk about “irreparable injury,” look at the irreversible, risky and life threatening procedures and surgeries the left likes putting kids through in order to affirm a delusional sense of identity. That’s the definition of “irreparable injury!”

Nonetheless, leftist groups and media coined this as a “victory.”

“This is a much-needed victory for trans youth and those who love and support them,” the American Civil Liberties Union wrote on X. Similarly, a group called Gender Champion, celebrated the verdict and insisted that these harmful medical procedures are “gender-empowering medical treatments.”

A group called Love to the Max even released an official statement on its advocacy website. Here’s what the group insisted:

Today’s ruling by the Third Court of Appeals is a tremendous relief for our family and for the thousands of families like ours across Texas. The Texas Department of Family Protective Services, at the behest of the Governor and Attorney General, cannot investigate loving families of transgender youth for doing nothing more than loving our kids unconditionally and providing them appropriate care in all aspects of their lives. That’s not child abuse. That’s good parenting, full stop.

Nothing about harming your kids in these ways signifies “good parenting.” Full stop.

Luckily, some agreed with that sentiment and recognize how abusive it is to chemically or surgically harm your children.

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“Just to be clear, this means that if a parent with Munchausen’s by Proxy wants to sterilize their kid, or give them hormones that will prevent them from ever having a complete adult life the authorities may not act. Okay…that’s an interesting ruling,” a user wrote in response to the news.

A different user wrote, “This is not a win for the youth, just the parent groomers and doctors profiting from social manipulation and lies” and one more called out the obvious when they wrote, “Injecting children with cancer causing synthetic hormones isn’t gender affirming care.”

Telling your son he’s your daughter is abusive. Stopping his body from going through the natural process of puberty is abusive. Giving your son estrogen so he grows boobs is abusive. Cutting off his balls to turn them into a make-shift vagina is abusive and to think that these procedures are anything other than abusive is insane.

Prayers go out to the kids in Texas who’ll be subject to abuse like this by their parents.

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