Detransitioner Chloe Cole Puts Disney on Blast: ‘You Are the Ursula’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 5, 2024
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Famous detransitioner Chloe Cole recently partook in Disney’s annual shareholder meeting. During the open line portion of the call, Cole put the company on blast for paying and advocating for transgender treatment but neglecting to support those who choose to de-transition after realizing that they made a mistake.

“Disney pays for gender transition interventions but not detransitioning care,” she began. “Therefore, the company discriminates based on gender identity under EEOC regulations.”

Cole was advocating that the board vote in favor of proposal number seven for the company in regards to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The proposal would force Disney to cover de-transitioning care in its benefits package.

Cole then began sharing her own personal experience that led to her activism in this area.

Cole was born a girl and began transitioning into a boy starting at age 12. She received hormone replacement therapy and even had a double mastectomy by age 16. Now, after realizing that changing her gender was a mistake and didn’t cure her insecurities, but instead put her life at risk and caused life changing complications, she’s become an avid spokeswoman for people like her. She wants to help those who were “manipulated” and “physically harmed at a young age by gender ideology.”

“As a result,” Cole continued, “I am suing those professionals who steered me into taking these destructive steps that have permanently scarred me. But Disney, in its arrogance, has responded to our proposal by stating that I am only trying to generate attention for a limited agenda. “

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Before concluding her statement on the phone, Cole called out Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, directly.

Mr. Iger, Disney, under your watch, is pushing the limited agenda of gender ideology, Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s across the world by telling us that we can be something that we can never become. The lawsuits are coming, sir. It’s only a matter of time before current or past employees whose bodies and lives have been irreversibly harmed, will show up at your door looking for justice and restitution.

Mic drop.

Disney very obviously supports the leftist agenda and, in it’s so-called attempt to be inclusive of those who are struggling with their identity, is in fact excluding people who are also struggling. The only difference is the ones Disney favors are the ones who are believing a delusion, whereas their negligence is against those who actually have a handle on reality. 

Time will tell what happens with Disney’s decision on this proposal. Until then, I won’t be planning any new trips to the house of mouse.


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