Court Blocks School District Policy Forcing Pronoun ‘Respect’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 9, 2023
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A St. Louis federal appeals court halted Iowa's Linn-Mar Community School District policy that would force students to comply with others’ transgender delusions.

With the help of concerned parents in the district, as it stands now and according to everyone’s first amendment rights, students will no longer have to “respect” others gender delusions. 

A group of concerned parents represented by the Parents Defending Education (PDE) insisted that kids who are forced to say and acknowledge pronouns and genders that don’t exist, are having their First Amendment rights violated. 

According to a report from Just The News, on September 29, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a preliminary injunction against forcing students to comply with leftist progressivism.

The policy, if it hadn’t been blocked, would have threatened suspension and expulsion for “intentional and/or persistent refusal ‘to respect a student’s gender identity,’” the court document said. 

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“A school district cannot avoid the strictures of the First Amendment simply by defining certain speech as 'bullying' or 'harassment,’” the Court of Appeals wrote according to Just the News

The Parents Defending Education group was thrilled with the news. 

The group’s Vice President, Caroline Moore told Legal Insurrection “PDE is thrilled with the unanimous decision. Parents should rest easier and feel vindicated after the decision in this case.”

Aside from the “respect” issue, the now blocked policy provided a “Gender Support Plan” to help kids transition.  Students who identified as transgender were invited to sort of counseling type sessions with facilitated by the school. Parents were only allowed to attend these meetings if their “transgender” child gave permission. PDE insisted that would help kids secretly transition and this would create a deep wedge between parents and  students. 

Which is exactly the motive of progressive leftists.

Ultimately, this should be counted as a win for parents who want a say in what happens in their kids schools and a win for First Amendment rights. 

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