Tied Virginia Delegate Race To End By...Drawing Names From a Can

ola olugbemi | December 21, 2017
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The race in Virginia’s 94th district has arguably been the most suspenseful contest of 2017. Democratic candidate Shelly Simonds and Republican incumbent Del. David Yancey are now tied at 11,608 votes apiece, and under Virginia law the tie breaker will be decided through a random drawing.

That’s right-- Virginia’s election board is going to cast lots for its next delegate.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that the random drawing process is fourfold:

  • Pieces of paper with each candidate's name will be printed and cut to the same size.

  • The slips will be placed in old film canisters that the Election Department has on hold.

  • Those canisters will go into a bowl and be thoroughly shaken up.

  • Then a board member will pick one and that person declared the winner.

The loser of the random drawing can suggest another recount.

The initial election night vote count showed incumbent Del. David Yancey winning the election by 10 votes, which prompted his opponent to ask for a recount. Results from the recount then showed that Simonds won the election-- by merely one vote.

The ballot apparently responsible for the newly found tie is currently being scrutinized by Virginians and onlookers on the social media for the way that the voter chose to mark it. The ballot was previously thrown out because of the unusual markings, but was counted after del. Yancey’s attorney’s challenged the decision in court.

The Hill reported that if Simonds wins Virginia’s 94th district, the Virginia’s House of Delegates will be split 50-50 with both Democrats and Republicans sharing power for the first time in over two decades. Virginia Republicans currently hold the House of Delegates 51-49.  

(Cover Photo: Vox Efx)

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