‘Threatening to the Established Heteropatriarchal Order’ - Slate Argues Ariana Grande’s ‘Sexuality’ Caused Terror Attack

Mark Judge | May 23, 2017
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With the world still in shock, the leftist website Slate has figured out the cause of the May 22 terrorist bomb attack that occurred at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

It’s the fault of the “established heteropatriarchal order.”

According to Slate’s Christina Cauterucci, Manchester was “a massive act of gender-based violence.” The bombing was an assault on female sexuality, which is a threat to “the established heteropatriarchal order.”  This despite the fact that one of the victims was male. To Slate, Grande is a sexy performer whose fans are girls, and the attack was an assault on “an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality.”

Radical Islam is a death cult that wants to destroy the West - men, women, and children. They don’t like our women, our men, our movies, our books, our buildings and our freedoms.

With the authorities still sifting through the debris and families mourning, Cauterucci - a feminist who would be one of the first put against the wall in a country run by jihadis -  has had the good taste to launch a diatribe that’s right out of a Wellesley Women’s Studies seminar.

Because to cultural Marxists, absolutely everything in the world, from puppies to unspeakable terrorist attacks, comes down to race, class, or, in this case, gender. Whether the facts are all known or not.

From Slate:

They targeted fans of an artist whose global brand is one of blissful, unsubdued feminine sexuality. Grande has long been the target of sexist rhetoric that has deemed her culpable for any sexual objectification or animosity that’s come her way. Her songs and wardrobe are sexy, yet she’s maintained a coy, youthful persona; the combination has led some haters to argue that she’s made her fortune by making people want to have sex with her, so whatever related harm befalls her is entirely her fault.

Like her pop-superstar predecessor Britney Spears, Grande has advanced a renegade, self-reflexive sexuality that’s threatening to the established heteropatriarchal order. If the Manchester bombing was an act of terrorism, its venue indicates that the attack was designed to terrorize young girls who idolize Grande’s image. Terrorism works by making people afraid to go about their daily lives, doing the things that make them feel human and whole: going to work, shopping at the mall, traveling by plane, dancing to Latin music at a gay club, singing along to a fun pop tune that lets young women envision themselves as powerful, sexual beings.