Thousands Protest LA Dodgers' Ceremony Hnoring Anti-Christian Drag Group

John Simmons | June 19, 2023
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The Los Angeles Dodgers’ plan to honor the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” did not go over well.

The iconic Major League Baseball (MLB) franchise chose to sell its soul to the LGBT agenda by giving this anti-Christian, gay celebrating, outright blasphemous group a “Community Hero Award” as part of its pride festivities on Friday. News of this plan reached the ears of Dodgers fans in the area, who were justifiably outraged.

In protest of this despicable display, hundreds of Catholic and Christian individuals gathered outside of Dodger Stadium (the protest was organized by "Catholics for Catholics"). The group became so big, it eventually blocked the main entrance to the stadium, earning the praise of lawmakers and Christian activists alike.

The Dodgers were dismayed to find that not only were there hundreds of fans outside the stadium voicing disgust with the team's choice to honor a group of perverts, thousands more chose to not attend the ceremony honoring thus demonic group before the game against the San Francisco Giants.

Turns out, not many fans were eager to catch the pregame festivities that doubled as an LGBT seminar.

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Despite video evidence of these low numbers, unhinged leftist celebrity Keith Olbermann took a picture of the stadium in the fourth inning that seemed to show that fans eventually filled the seats. He also said that anyone who opposed this drag group was going to hell, in classic Olbermann style.

Not to be outdone, Feucht responded by showing another video that debunked Olbermann’s claim that Dodger Stadium gradually filled up.

Ironically, all-time great pitcher Curt Schilling predicted that something like this would happen as a result of the Los Angeles team's choice.


No matter when or how sports teams sell out for the LGBT agenda, many people (Christian or not) raise their voices to say that the majority of people do not want sexual perversion to be celebrated or forced down their throats. As long as the Dodgers or anyone else continue down this path, thousands will rise up to say they have enough of this woke posturing.

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