'Thoughts and Prayers!' Liberals Mock Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow's Death From COVID

Brittany M. Hughes | December 30, 2020
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Mobs of liberals took to social media Wednesday to mock the tragic death of 41-year-old Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, who passed away Tuesday night after a week-long battle with COVID.

Letlow, a Republican who was set to be sworn into office Monday, was diagnosed with COVID on Dec. 19 and admitted to the hospital with worsening symptoms a few days later. He leaves behind a wife and two small children.

But the man’s sudden death and the devastating effect it will have one his family didn’t stop crazy left-wingers from mocking Letlow for having not worn face masks and defending reopening measures prior to catching the coronavirus himself. During his campaign, Letlow had advocated for reopening businesses and letting owners and customers decide what risks to take for themselves, pointing out the economic devastation caused by endless government shutdowns.

One user received more than 3,700 “likes” for her post calling Letlow “insensitive and deadly” for having hosted an in-person campaign event earlier this month.

Another mocked Letlow’s “Stupidity & obstinance [sic].”

One user, who has “Resist” and “BLM” in his profile, tweeted “thoughts and prayers!” along with a gif of a woman laughing.

Others have taken to Letlow’s Twitter account, commenting on old photos the now-deceased congressman-elect had posted showing him attending indoor events without a mask.

“I wonder if someone in this photo gave it to you. Well, we'll never know since you didn't care, and your party doesn't,” one user said.

“Oh well. Obviously he didn’t give shit about his family,” another commented.

Many invoked the late Herman Cain, who died earlier this year from COVID, to mock Letlow's death - so much so that "Herman Cain" began trending on Twitter.

Letlow reportedly died from a heart attack he suffered during a procedure to treat COVID.

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