Thought Police: High School Student Suspended For Wearing MAGA Sweatshirt & Holding Trump Flag

Nick Kangadis | March 8, 2019
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Indoctrinators don’t just ply their trade on the collegiate level. High schools are also breeding grounds for the “tolerant” intolerance of independent thought.

Arizona high school student Logan Jones was recently suspended following an incident that saw a school security officer tell her to leave for posing for a picture with a friend while both wearing a “Make America Great Again” sweatshirt and holding a “Make America Great Again” flag with President Trump’s name on it.

The whole incident happened “immediately after school was dismissed” on a day in which “students were encouraged to participate in the [Party in the USA Day] celebration by wearing patriotic or other USA-themed clothing.” according to a demand letter addressed to Perry High School principal Dan Serrano from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

According to the letter:

Immediately after school was dismissed at 2:14 p.m., Logan and a few of her friends went to one of the outdoor common areas of campus to take pictures together before they went home. This is a common practice for Logan any many other students and it happens virtually every day after school without any interference by school officials. Less than five minutes after they arrived, while Logan and her friend were taking a picture in their MAGA sweatshirts and holding a flag that said “Trump” and “Make America Great Again”, a School Resource Officer approached and ordered Logan and her friends to leave. Logan inquired as to why they were being ordered to leave. The Officer said if you have questions you can take it up with Vice Principal Patterson. Logan and her friends immediately complied with the order and began packing their bags to leave. As Logan was putting the Trump flag in her backpack, the Officer took out his phone and began taking pictures of Logan. The Officer then began following Logan and the other students as they were leaving campus. The Officer ordered Logan to give him her name. Logan inquired why he needed her name because she was complying with his order and leaving campus. The Officer then instructed Logan to speak with Vice Principal Patterson. Logan and her friends again immediately complied with the Officer’s order and went to the administrative offices. Logan phoned her mother on the way to the office and informed her about the situation. Logan’s mother told her that she was coming to the school immediately and not to talk with anyone until she arrived.

When Logan arrived at the office, everyone other than Tori and Logan were ordered to leave. Logan was asked to give her name. Logan politely replied that her mother was on her way to the office and that her mother had instructed her not to answer any questions until she arrived, but that she would answer your questions when her mother arrived. Heidi Jones, Logan’s mother, arrived within approximately 10 minutes from the time that Logan phoned her at 2:23 p.m. When Heidi arrived, you were in your office. Vice Principal Patterson closed your door and began discussing the situation with Heidi and Mr. Greene. After several minutes of this conversation, you came out of your office and said “I am tired of hearing this. Logan Jones you are suspended for 10 days. Get off of school property.” The alleged reason given for Logan’s suspension was that she had failed to identify herself when asked by school officials. However, the evidence is clear that this reason was mere pretext.

[Logan] Jones complied with the security officer by leaving when she was requested to do so but was then followed because the officer all of a sudden decided that they wanted to know Jones’ name?  That’s got a little tinge of harassment to it if you ask me.

Not only that, but what kind of school suspends a student for two weeks for failing to identify themselves. The principal clearly knew who Jones after very unprofessionally kicking her off campus.

If that weren’t enough, while the school did rescind Jones’ suspension, they reportedly didn’t remove it from her record.

With repeated aggressive actions against those who support Trump seemingly on the rise, the left’s interest in free speech seems to be non-existent towards those they disagree with.

Keep wearing anything, within reason, that might trigger a leftist. No matter how benign something might seem to you, there’s always a leftist there to make things worse because they don’t seem to have anything better to do. Free speech isn’t a right because it protects speech that everyone agrees with. It’s there for instances like the one Jones was faced with, who did absolutely nothing wrong. It’s everyone’s First Amendment right to free speak even if others might not be able to mentally handle it.

H/T: PJ Media

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