Third of Dems Say It’s Racist For White People To Criticize Non-White Politicians


The groupthink mentality in the Democratic Party has reached a new clown world level.

A new poll out of Rasmussen reveals that a whopping 32% of Democrats and even 16% of Republicans say it is racist when a white person criticizes a non-white politician.

So, to keep your views completely immune from criticism in 2019, just don’t be white.

When the sample of 1,000 voters was asked if they thought President Trump was a racist, 47% said yes. This was down from similar polling data that said 50% to the same question back in January 2018.

When asked to define racism though, a supermajority of respondents, 87%, said that racism is simply when one race thinks differently of another race. Still, 11% said that racism was white people discriminating against minorities.

An article from PJ Media put it perfectly into perspective why this is.  

Is it starting to make sense yet? This is why Democrats nominated Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016, and why you can bet anything there will be a minority on the Democratic ticket in 2020. Minority and women are human shields to the Democratic Party.

The president has been steamrolling his opponents in “The Squad,” made up of female Democratic progressive minorities, for their "anti-American" rhetoric.

This hasn't hurt him at all, though. In fact, he has seen a boost in his polling numbers since the feud began.

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