‘They’re Attacking!’ : Females Protesting Men In Women’s Prison Assaulted

Eric Scheiner | December 6, 2022
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“They’re attacking,” a woman can be heard yelling on video, as black clad Antifa can be seen assaulting a group of women and stealing a banner proclaiming, “No Men In Women’s Prison.”

The Post Millennial reports the incident happened Monday outside the Alameda County Court House in California.



Lierre Keith, founder of the Women’s Liberation Front, attorney and author Kara Dansky, president of Women’s Declaration International, biology professor Arla Hile, and Jesika Gonzalez spoke out on the courthouse steps against men being permitted to be housed in women’s prisons, before moving to nearby Lake Merritt Park. It was here that they were attacked by Antifa activists.

The group was protesting the convicted killer of a lesbian couple potentially being placed in a women’s prison.


"We did an action this morning on the steps of the Rene C. Davidson Court House," Dansky said, noting that they gave speeches, along with Gonzalez. "We just gave talks about how important it is to stand up for the rights of lesbians, for justice for two women who were murdered viciously by Dana Rivers, and their teenage son. And to stand for incarcerated women throughout the state of California, throughout the United States, and all over the world."


A group of men then came and assaulted them with umbrellas, eggs and pies. Taking their banners and fleeing the scene.

“They came, they hit us. It's a bunch of men hitting a bunch of women, as usual," Keith said.

Indeed, business as usual for Antifa. 

More details are available at The Post Millennial.

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