'They Must Be Stopped': Cassidy, Cruz Propose Resolution to Classify Antifa as Domestic Terrorists

Eric Schaffer | July 19, 2019
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Amid calls by many in the conservative community to declare Antifa and their ilk a domestic terrorist group, Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) are taking action.

On Thursday, Cassidy and Cruz “introduced a resolution Thursday condemning the far-left group antifa as a ‘domestic terrorist organization,’” according to the Daily Caller.

In a tweet on the subject, Cruz said, “Like any terrorist organization [Antifa chooses] to pursue their political ends through violence, fear & intimidation. They must be stopped.”

In a press release, Cassidy shared Cruz’s sentiment, saying: “Antifa are terrorists, violent masked bullies who ‘fight fascism’ with actual fascism, protected by Liberal privilege. Bullies get their way until someone says no. Elected officials must have courage, not cowardice, to prevent terror.”

The proposed legislation comes after Andy Ngo, a journalist, was attacked by the radical left-wing group in Portland. Ngo was beaten so severely by the radicals that he had to go to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage.

Though Antifa has become prominent once again due to the assault on Andy Ngo, this isn’t anywhere near the first time the group has engaged in violent activities. In 2017, according to Politico, Homeland Security aptly described Antifa's antics as “domestic terrorist violence.”

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