'They Just Didn't Get It, But They Do Now!': Trump Tweets Mash-Up Video Trolling Media, Celebs Who Doubted Him

Monica Sanchez | July 9, 2018
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President Trump on Monday tweeted a mash-up video with clips from pundits, celebrities, and politicians who doubted and even scoffed at the possibility of him winning the 2016 presidential election.

“They just didn’t get it, but they do now!” he wrote as the caption.

The video features soundbites from everyone ranging from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Rosie O’Donnell, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, former President Barack Obama, and George Clooney, saying that there was no way in hell he would become the 45th President of the United States. 

Others include reporters for CNN, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg Politics.  

The mash-up begins with Trump announcing his bid for president and panelists on “The Wendy Williams” show and “Real Time with Bill Maher “ laughing and expressing shock at the very suggestion that he might take the White House.

It goes on with commentary from pundits, celebrities, and politicians that Trump could never stand a chance against Hillary Clinton.

The video concludes with the “Road to 270” count on election night and Trump winning.

“What a night!” a woman says as a picture of Trump as “Superman” flashes onto a billboard.

Trump posted the video just hours ahead of his big announcement regarding his second nominee to the Supreme Court.

His choice will cement a historic 5-4 conservative majority on the bench.

Check out the mash-up video below: 

H/T Fox News Insider 

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