'These People Disgust Me': Former Marine Jesse Kelly Rips Biden Regime on Afghanistan

Nick Kangadis | August 27, 2021
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As someone who knows about “things that need to be said,” there were definitely some things that needed to be said about President Joe Biden’s regime bungling the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which directly led to at least 13 U.S. Marines — as well as many others — dying from a terrorist attack in Kabul on Thursday.

Former Marine and syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly said a lot of the things that needed to be said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday.

This man didn’t hold back and actually said what a lot of people were feeling in the aftermath of such gross incompetence by the Biden regime.

Host Tucker Carlson asked Kelly what he thinks is going on with our government in the face of said incompetence.

“Politics,” Kelly began. “No patriotism at all, no love of country at all. This is all politics, Tucker. That’s why I’m as full of hate and rage right now as I have probably been since 9/11.”

Kelly then spoke about what the Biden regime should be considering — the families of those lost in Afghanistan — instead of what they’re most likely placing more importance on.

“And I know for a fact, the scumbags in the White House who run this country, they’re sitting around a table as we speak — and they’re not worried about mommy, they’re not worried about daddy, they’re not worried about that kid — they haven’t shed a single tear for anybody,” Kelly said. “They’re worried about poll numbers, Tucker. They’re worried what polls well: ‘How we doing with middle-aged women. And how do you think we did with black people tonight?’”

That’s when Kelly unleashed hell on the Biden regime.

“These people disgust me,” Kelly continued. “They disgust me as much as the Taliban disgusts me. I’m so grossed out by the people who lead this country. Our warriors deserve so much better.”

Carlson then asked about what change might come from the Biden regime after the tragic terrorist attack, to which Kelly said “absolutely nothing.”

Kelly expounded on why.

“Instead of dependable, we got Depends in the White House,” Kelly said. “The guy has no idea what he’s doing, and the backup plan is [Vice President] Kamala Harris, who quite literally laid down to get the job. These people don’t care about country at all.”

Kelly said even more about the situation, including referencing our “woke” military leadership. And if you’d like to see and hear more, watch below for the full segment:

H/T: Twitter/@CurtisHouck