These AOC Deals Are Pocket Pickin' Good!

Eric Scheiner | September 30, 2019
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C’mon down to AOC and try the Billion and Trillion Dollar Deal Menu.

Start with the $93 Trillion Green new meal deal, no cows (because of their exhaust), but a lot of pork for the government to grow on.

Then try our $47 billion Bernie Buster! College For All!

It’s a whole lot of lettuce – and tantalizing taxes that are hard to swallow.

Then get a side of Mashed Up Medicare-For-All at about $32 Trillion.

Now you’ve added tasty tax debt not just for everyone in your family – but everyone in your family for generations to come!

Don’t think you can afford these “deals”? Think again! You can’t not afford them- if you don’t buy them the world will end!

So come get in the long bread lines for your slice of socialism.

Because with AOC - it’s pocket pickin’ good!

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