That’s Not Rock N’ Roll: Gene Simmons Calls Unvaxxed Americans The 'Enemy’


So much for the rebelliousness of rock n’ roll. The band KISS’s most famous oddity, Gene Simmons, is now targeting unvaccinated people and calling them the “enemy.” Considering how much he’s sticking up for the man, rather than sticking it to him, I think it’s safe to say his rocker card should get revoked.

And don’t tell me KISS kicks ass despite its members’ goose stepping, it’s not like they ever were Led Zeppelin or Van Halen. Hell they’re not even Ted Nugent. No offense to the Motor City Madman. "Stranglehold" might be the greatest riff ever written. 

Petty rock n’ roll beef aside – though again, screw KISS – Gene Simmons just can’t handle freedom unless he can market a certain teenage rebellion form of it to sell records (and Kiss Kaskets) and maybe score a few dozen different STDs. But now that those raunchy platform boots-wearing, six inch tongue-waving days are over, he’s all in for the medical establishment.

During a recent interview on the Rock N Roll Channel on TalkShopLive, the former KISS bassist and businessman tore into unvaccinated people, completely spitting on their freedom to choose not to take a government encouraged medical intervention for a virus with a high survivability rate. His noxious statement went as follows: “If you're willing to walk among us unvaccinated, you are an enemy.”

Oh so now we’re supposed to be taking medical advice from a guy who made the album “Lick It Up” and slept with an alleged 4800 “groupies” during his career? No offense ladies, but that’s the furthest thing from sanitary.

And this “enemy” talk? .Simmons added, “Stay away from evil people who don't care about your health." Oh that’s very interesting. Again, there’s nothing evil about opting out of a vaccine. What about those people whose doctors recommend they don’t take the vaccine for other reasons? What about young people who don’t need it? Are they evil?

And just for the record, moral authorities, like the Catholic Church, don’t attach any moral obligation to taking the vaccine. Taking it is still up to an individual’s conscience. So, sorry Gene, it’s not “evil.”

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Then he claimed, “It has become political, unfortunately, the far left and the far right, are both evil. They both spread all kinds of nonsense.” Oh but Simmons isn’t making it political nor spreading nonsense? That’s a good one. "Politics are the enemy. Humanism and humanity is what we should all be concerned about. Love thy neighbor as thyself,” he said.

Though Simmons doesn’t seem to be loving those neighbors who choose different medical interventions than him. Well those people aren’t his neighbors, they're his “enemy.” Right.  

So much for the legendary, free-wheeling rock n’ roll legend. He’s a mean-spirited sellout lacking in the empathy he expects other people should have for him. He should take notes from actual greats like Eric Clapton who believe that freedom is more of a priority than vaccine for a virus that most likely won’t kill you.

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