That's Not How It Works: ‘Man’ Gives Birth to Twins

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 2, 2023
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Breaking News: Woman Gives Birth

A transgender man, aka a biological woman, just gave birth to a set of twins after going through six rounds of artificial insemination with a sperm donor to have a biological child. Aaden Darr, 22, is a prime example of both delusion and the harms of transgender surgeries and procedures. 

As reported by Daily Mail, Darr is from Charleston, West Virginia. (S)he came out at as transgender at age 16 after identifying as lesbian for a number of years before. Supposedly, Darr began a course of testosterone treatments at 18, but realized “that it was his dream to have a biological child - so he put a stop to his hormonal treatment and visited his local family planning clinic in order to begin the process of having a baby.” 

Though the girls were born a little over two years ago, Daily Mail’s recent account of the story reinvigorated uproar on the situation.

Darr went through six rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI) before becoming pregnant. 

The story isn’t that shocking, women get pregnant all of the time. But what’s shocking is that, despite the fact that only women get pregnant, Darr pretended she was a boy throughout her whole pregnancy and still does now. Darr claims to be the father of her two daughters, Quinn and Carter, who are now two-years-old.

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Reportedly, Darr, who I would argue is suffering from a mental illness, experienced anxiety and insecurity when pregnant. “He found the process of growing breasts again and growing pregnant 'very conflicting on a personal level,’” Daily Mail reported. 

“Growing two babies inside of me I felt everything twice as much. I had boobs at the time and to watch them grow and develop as a trans man was very conflicting on a personal level,” Darr added. 

It’s evident that Darr is suffering to discern what's real and what's not. I mean, all of this came about after she heard about a friend coming out as transgender and decided to do the same herself. 

Others on Twitter voiced a similar opinion about Darr.

“This is not a man giving birth. This is a woman, pretending to be a dude, having babies, because that's what women can do,” one said.

Others proclaimed that Darr is a woman and that the Daily Mail title needed to be changed, “We are living in the dumbest time in history update:  Headline - 'Man gives birth to fulfill his dream of having a baby.'"

One more noted that Darr is “mentally ill.” “ don't have babies.  End of discussion. This is a mentally ill person. That pretty much sums it up, and Americans are done with this nonsense,” Newsmax's Rob Carson wrote.

Women should be offended by Darr. She did one of the few things that is uniquely designed for females, gave birth and still is attempting to denounce her womanhood by claiming she’s a he. 

This person, and anyone who affirms her, is delusional.


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