That's New: College Ticket Office Accuses Clay Travis Of Racism Over Twitter

John Simmons | September 16, 2022
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Conservative media figures are used to having their liberal counterparts and social media users to call them a wide variety of insults. But I’d be willing to bet that few have been attacked by the ticket office of a university.

Outkick founder Clay Travis received that honor when The Citadel’s ticket office accused him of enjoying racism over a series of direct messages on Twitter. 

Outkick is currently investigating the tweets, which do not have the professionalism you would expect from a university with the prestige of the Citadel.

“You’re the one talking about racism?” someone with access to the school’s account wrote in the DMs. “You are a racist you know that right?”

The Citadel followed up with a lengthy apology, which had the tone of being sincere and deeply apologetic for the actions of the rogue individual.

Guess this is all in a days work for someone as willing to call out woke media garbage as Travis is. However, its safe to say he won’t be attending any Citadel football games soon.

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