Thanks, Taxpayers! Illegal Aliens Are Being 'Quarantined' In High-Rise Hotels in Southern California

Brittany M. Hughes | February 8, 2021
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If it's been a while since you and your family took a vacation somewhere sunny and warm, this article might not be for you.

Then again, if you're an American taxpayer who cares that your money is being blown on lawbreakers while your family struggles to pay the bills, then perhaps it is.

According to the New York Times, the Biden administration is placing illegal aliens who’ve just come across the border unlawfully into high-rise hotels in downtown San Diego for “quarantine” before allowing them to join their families already in the United States.

The Times reports more than 1,000 aliens have already been apprehended and released into the U.S. under Biden, who’s been in office a grand total of 19 days. Of those, the ones who were caught crossing into Southwest California, numbering in the hundreds, have been put up –  courtesy of the American taxpayer – in hotels to “quarantine” for 10 days as a safeguard against the coronavirus before they’re released into the country with oft-ignored orders to appear in court for an asylum hearing. The local requirement has been handed down from San Diego health officials as the city, like many others across the U.S., struggles with COVID cases.

Non-profit groups, who’ve been helping support the migrants during the nearly two-week quarantine with things like hygenine products and clothing, now say they need “federal resources” – i.e., your money – to help with the increasing flow of people being released into the country due to already overflowing border facilities.

Reports the New York Times:

In San Diego, more hotels were being lined up to take in migrants, said Ms. Clark of Jewish Family Service. “We are going to need federal resources,” she said.

Clark added that "There has been a significant increase in asylum seekers arriving, and we know that the numbers are only going to keep rising dramatically," largely thanks to the Biden administration's promise of lax border enforcement. San Diego remains a busy sector for border patrol, with 53,282 illegal aliens having been apprehended there in FY2020.

Of course, whether placing illegal aliens in tax dollar-funded hotels is better or worse than what’s happening in Texas is in the eye of the beholder. In the Lonestar State, illegal aliens who’re caught and released reportedly aren’t being made to quarantine at all before being turned loose into the country – a benefit to the taxpayer who doesn’t have to front for the Holiday Inn, but a potential blow to efforts to halt the spread of COVID.