Thanks, Brandon: This Thanksgiving Will Be the Most Expensive Ever

Brittany M. Hughes | October 26, 2021
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Happy Turkey Day! ….if you can afford it.

If you’re planning to host more than a few friends and family members for Thanksgiving this year, be prepared to pony up more than usual, as this Thanksgiving dinner will cost more than it ever has. According to the New York Times, every single ingredient will be more expensive this holiday season than in years past – and by a decent margin.

For some, the NYT reports, the price of turkey has jumped a full 20 percent. Everything from pumpkin to baking ingredients to aluminum pans and wine is expected to be pricier thanks to supply chain disruptions, inflation, and a lack of workers in key industries thanks to the COVID “pandemic” and state and federal unemployment benefits that have discouraged people from going back to work.

The NYT goes on:

Packaged dinner rolls will be pricier because the cost of almost all of the ingredients that commercial bakers use has gone up. Canned cranberry sauce will cost more because domestic steel plants have yet to catch up after pandemic shutdowns, and China is limiting steel production to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, steel prices have remained more than 200 percent higher than they were before the pandemic.

The massive price jump comes just one year after the Biden administration boasted that 2020’s Thanksgiving dinner would come in at an average of $0.16 cheaper, a brag that garnered no shortage of mockery on social media. 

This year, the price of eggs, meat and poultry is up 10.5 percent this year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while the overall urban Consumer Goods Index is up 5.4 percent.



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